Do you have a great idea? Want to invent something? Not sure where to start?

You’re in luck! Liz Mrofka is a past Vice-President of the Rocky Mountain Inventor’s Association and the inventor of the Fobbie, Gift Wrapping in a Cinch! She took her Aha moment and turned it into a patented, award winning product that has been seen on QVC, The Today Show, and most television networks as well as being been sold in Michael’s Craft Stores and in small shops across the country.

She knows how to bring a product to market, which is no easy feat! With her knowledge, contacts and ideas she can consult with you help direct you in the process. Should you build and manufacture yourself, or seek out a licensing agreement?

We don’t stop there. Whether you have an idea for a book, product or new business, we can brainstorm ideas as well as help connect you to others that can be assist you in the process.