Love the Haunt, Ghost Tour and Paranormal Investigation

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Bugle Box in association with It’s Like, But Not Productions a unique event for the city of Loveland.

Unleash your Ghost Hunter and join us for an entertaining walking Ghost Tour of Downtown Loveland. Listen to some spooky stories about the historic buildings on 4th Street as well as go inside a few. Following, you have the option to join us for a Paranormal Discussion and Demonstration presented by Spirit Connection Investigations at the historic First National Bank / Interweave building on 4th and Cleveland.

Details of the Paranormal Presentation: 

• You’ll learn about the Spirit Connection Investigations team and what Paranormal Investigators do, and the process of conducting an investigation.

• They’ll discuss the background of the area and the bank building.

• The presentation may include assistance from mediums, psychics, or sensitives.

• Equipment used will be: (EMF Meters, Digital Recorders – USB and Live, Laser Grid Scope, K2 Meter, Digital Camera, Infrared cameras/computer, Spirit Box/Ghost Box Ovilus, Dowsing Rods, REM Pod, Camcorders with Infrared capability, Infrared Thermometers, Black Light, Mag Flashlight)

• Documentation of the findings will be presented.

• Consideration of conditions/environment (lunar phase, night vs. day, weather, other possible influences)

• Challenges of investigations (location, type of investigation, investigation legitimacy, considering the background – suicide, homicide, use of occult practices, etc.)

• Do’s and Don’ts, and ethical practices (Code of Conduct)

• Analyzing and verifying your data.

Attendees will be able try out the equipment and we will break into groups throughout the building and see if we can capture any activity.

Trick or Treat bags full of goodies and special offers from these downtown Loveland merchants, The Pourhouse, Green Ivy Hair & Nail Studio, The Cactus Grille, Artisan You, Rabbask Design, Downton Sounds, The Inglenook, Lo Co Artisan Coffee House and B Sweet Cupcakes are included with your tour.

Refreshments are included if you’re not too freaked out.

Space is limited!

Three Options Available:

The packages include two separate tour time options depending on your schedule.
An earlier time of 6:00pm and a later time of 7:30pm.

Early Tour Package Option # 1
Tour and Investigation
6:00pm – 7:00pm Tour
9:00 – 11:00pm Investigation
25 spots available

Late Tour Package Option # 2
Tour and Investigation
7:30pm – 8:30pm Tour
9:00-11:00pm Investigation
25 spots available

Investigation Only
9:00pm – 11:00pm
25 spots available

Advance purchase is recommended.

Check in for all activities is 1/2 an hour prior at the First National Bank Building at 201 E. 4th Street, (4th and Cleveland)

Recommended age is 12 +

*Service animals ok*

To purchase tickets click here.

To learn more about Spirit Connections Investigations click here.

To learn more about Bugle Box, visit

To learn more about It’s Like, But Not Productions, visit

For questions for information call Liz Mrofka at 720-838-3083

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Facebook and EdgeRank

Facebook is a great way to stay engaged with your customers and create positive dialogue. You want to post things that are interesting to your clientele so they will share, comment or like the post. You all have multiple tools at your disposal to keep in touch with your audience. Each one, Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Email marketing and posting to your Blog will help your online visibility and keep the lines of communication open. However, each tool has one or two things it does better than the other tools.

So, when you post things on Facebook that are interesting to your customers and they engage your “EdgeRank” goes up!  Facebook gives everything an “Edge” and they have a special algorithm that they constantly change to measure that “Edge.”  Posting videos or pictures that your fans might think are interesting or funny is a great way to engage.  When your fans share a post that you have made, not only do their friends get an opportunity to be exposed to your business, you also get that much needed “Edge.”  The greater your “Edge” the more likely your posts stay up on their newsfeed, giving you the best opportunity to be seen by a greater percentage of those fans.

Sure you can post what your business did today or what specials you are having but you will probably get more comments and likes if you post that information by using photos of employees or maybe customers eating in your establishment!  Ask them what new things they would like to see on the menu or have them submit a recipe of something that they think you should serve!  You can also choose a fan of the day or week and use their profile pick as your profile pick for that short time!  Fans love it and they share it!

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Are you posting at the right timeslot?


A recent study from YesMail, watched 20 popular clothing retailers to see what times of day and week are most effective when engaging their audience. Their findings were surprising. When it comes to Facebook it seems the level of interaction is highest between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m Eastern. Twitter during regular work hours and emails are best sent after 6 p.m. Eastern.

Learn more:

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97% of Consumers Use Online Media


With social media, members are asking their community about products and services and getting opinions and recommendations from them.

Today’s word-of-mouth is done through Twitter and Facebook, which when combined has more than 1 Billion users! Not creating a presence in this arena is a big mistake.

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