Bugle Box LLC is a private company owned and operated by its partners, Liz Mrofka and Deanie Pate. We have over 40 years of collective experience in publishing, design, sales, marketing on local and national levels and production management as well as relevant forms of social media. Bugle Box is dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for clients, building small business with our “Business in a Box” platform creating lead generation mediums and providing coaching and training in our technically advanced market.

In October of 2012 Bugle Box created Bugle Bucks, the first Interactive Coupon and Advertising Mailer. Offering small businesses multiple ways to engage a customer and capture their information for the same price point as a single service marketing company, proved to be invaluable to business owners. Our coupon mailers allow you to offer your client a way to arrive in someone’s home, engage them immediately with dynamic QR codes, drive traffic to social media sites and collect email information. Every business needs a list to grow and maintain relationships.

Direct Mail is the best way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and maintain your brand. Using social media once you have captured a new customer is crucial to long term success. Bugle Box along with our Bugle Bucks mailer really does bring clients so many ways to speak to their target audience and build their loyal “tribe.”

Bugle Box was born out of MenusFirst.com, Colorado’s oldest online dining guide operating since 2001. From the relationships developed with MenusFirst clients, Bugle Box was able to engage in Social Media, Text Messaging and SEO marketing for those very same customers. We have had continued growth and success and are very excited about the ways in which we can now take traditional marketing methods and marry them with the digital age.

As we have enhanced our marketing efforts for our clients we have joined a small group of talented companies that can help you build an existing business by publishing your book and making it a best seller, showcasing you as an expert in your field.

If you simply need help in email marketing, direct mail, social media, daily sales coaching, sales training or putting together a myriad of marketing or training materials for your company and your clients Bugle Box can answer the call!

Contact us so we can help you “Blow Your Own Horn!”